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top blogging topicsThe dream of becoming rich and making money with blog is the dream of any newbie blogger but many of bloggers left there blog because after making lot of posts they that there is not much traffic on their blog.
So it is my opinion to all of reader that always choose that topic which is hottest one in the world and most of the people in the world search it.The top blogging topics also increases the traffic and visitors on your blog.
There is following a list of blogger top topics

health blogs 10)HEALTH:
As in this era health is the most widely discussed topic and due to the availability of internet people search this keyword to much so the sites containing health related content is getting too much traffic.The person of developing and developer countries both have the same issues related health. The fitness related issue's,exercises, yoga,expert articles and famous doctors articles must be the compulsory elements included in your blog content which increase your traffic to unlimited extent.


fashion blogs relationship blogs   
The world of glamour is increases with the increase of media and it is constantly increasing day by day and in this time intelligent bloggers always target this topic because they know that is the most important topic which drives more and more traffic to your blog.You should give the news of new coming fashion and articles of big fashion designers round the world.


This is a great reveal that 90% of people use internet to improve their relationships because internet helps the people of all the world to come closer and enjoys their feelings and exchange their ideas.
According to the internet search there is lot of traffic on that blogs which contain relationship related concepts and content.You should introduce chat rooms with the aim of producing relationships


financial blogs Money making is the largest issue discussed every body.Many sites and blogs now a days are built in such a manner that there content is about improving finance and starting a business. It is a research
 that sites or blogs having the content explaining to improve financial status by earning money or business tips have a high number of visitors.


question and answer blogs

There are many forums and sites and blogs online which are just designed to answers of the questions of the users. These sites have active users which answer the question asked by any other user or topic of the community/blog. This is why these sites are generating revenue for their owners.Now a days every person had a unique question in his/her mind which can't be searched in books but only find by interacting with people.Now this person will surely contact these forums or sites.

 celebrities blogs and sites5)CELEBRITIES

The most viewed blogs of the entertainment is those which contains the reviews,latest updates,photos and upcoming news about the celebrities of the world whether it is of film,drama or TV host or celebrity associated to any sector.Now a days every person had an ideal according to his area of interest that's celebrity containing blogs or sites are earning a lot.

buy and sell blogs

With the increase of online e-shopping market there is also a great increase of online customers.With this great ease that every thing is at your door steps and can be buy just from your living room is increase the trend of online shopping sites such as .With these sites you can attract a number of people and earn money.

social media blogs
With the increase of urge between people of different regions to interact between them there is a ever increasing demand of social sites which help other to find their friend just according to their taste.With the huge amount of social media users the sites which publish the same thing happening on these social sites like .These sites are generating a huge revenue.


 technology blogsIn this modern world stay up to date is the first and foremost obligation of every person.With the interaction with the modern world one have to use internet and browse that sites and bloggers that contain's data that inform you about upcoming technology its reviews and information.These sites and blogs are generating high revenue like

blogging tips1)BLOGGING TIPS

Due to increase of blogging world wide there is also a lot of blogs and sites of professional bloggers and web developers which are educating newbie bloggers that how to make your own blog and what is the tips to earn revenue with blog the starting of blog and how to become a professional blogger.This is the top topic search on the internet.

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