Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kate Upton's Workout Regimen, 10 Natural (and Affordable!) Beautifying Tricks

Kate Upton (Getty)Kate Upton officially has the most enviable and certainly most talked about body of the year. And now we're going to talk about it a bit more. Her trainer, David Kirsch, spoke with Fox about how he keeps the beauty toned without making her lose her, ahem, greatest assets. His tactic? Lots of reps with low weights. BlissTree sums up my thoughts on the matter quite brilliantly. [BlissTree]

If you're just looking to achieve Kate's gorgeous glow, however, these 5 vitamins may just help guide you. Although, beware, I recently discovered my multi was making me break out! Seriously! Not cool. [Prevention]

Good news my fellow oily-skinned gals—you're going to age phenomenally. Score! [YouBeauty]

If you're looking for cheap beauty fixes, check out just how awesome lemons are at, well, everything. [HuffPo]

Hey, they're also pretty darn tasty, too! Lemon blueberry dice pops? Heck. Yes. Recipe this way. [Health.com]

While we're on the topic of sweet and tasty things, these UNREAL candies are totally pretty darn healthy and very real. I'm intrigued, are you? [Self]
Speaking of chocolaty things, Prevention did a breakdown of which is healthier: dark or milk. SPOILER ALERT: Dark is way healthier. Obvi. Get more reasons to grub on my fave antioxidant here. [Prevention]

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner? Good, me too! Here's more ways to flip your day. [Fitness Mag]

And in case Kate Upton's workout didn't inspire you, maybe these awesome moves from Women's Health will. [Women's Health]

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