Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pop Health Hits 100! Revisiting 5 Favorite Posts.

In honor of Pop Health hitting the milestone of 100 posts, I wanted to take the time to look back, thank my readers (face to face!), and revisit some of my favorite posts.  I selected posts that (1) generated the most readers, (2) solicited the most comments, (3) connected me with colleagues, and/or (4) were just really fun to write and promote!

I am also celebrating this milestone with my first video post!

1.  "Bullying: Is Technology Helping Us Or Hurting Us?"  [October 5, 2010)

2. "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk:  How Soon Is Too Soon To Find The Teachable Moment In The Death Of Ryan Dunn?" [June 23, 2011]

3.  "Facebook Adds Organ Donation To Timeline: Should We Like It?"  [May 1, 2012]

4.  "Angelina Jolie's "Medical Choice" Dominates The Internet"  [May 14, 2013]

5.  "How And Why Should We "Pin" Public Health?" [June 18, 2013]

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